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Best American food in Amsterdam

In case you are sick of kroketten and haring we know where you can feel like you are not in Amsterdam but in the USA!

At Graceland Bar-B-Q  you can taste the smokey southern cuisine. On the menu you will find classics like pulled pork and brisket served with cornbread and coleslaw. From the red checkered napkins till the moonshine glasses, when you step inside you feel like you are in Texas. The owner is American so this must be the real deal right?

We went to check it out for ourselves on a busy Saturday night. We sat at the bar and ordered the brisket, pulled pork and sweet potato fries with parmigiana, chili flakes and parsley.

Food at Graceland Bar-B-Q

I loved the shared dining concept where you get the food on one plate. The meat was juicy and came in an American portion (a.k.a. to much to eat). The sweet potato fries, parmigiana combination was great too, except that our fries were not to hot. Other than that it was a great meal that took us on a little holiday across the ocean.

But don’t forget you are in Amsterdam. So the service will be Dutch and definitely not American.

How do i get to Graceland Bar-B-Q?
Bus 18 from central station stops right in front of the door. The stop is called: Markthallen.


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