Amsterdam bucketlist

Amsterdam Bucket list: 37 things you must do in Amsterdam

Research from Dutch newspaper NRC showed that most tourist to get much further than the canal district and the red light district. As you can see on this map. The places on the map are ofcourse not to miss sights on your trip to Amsterdam. But there is so much more to see and do! That is why I created my personal Amsterdam bucket list! These are all the things I think anyone must do in Amsterdam mixed with some things I still really want to do. You can find the complete list here and click on it to read the complete story.

I hope this list inspires you on your trip to Amsterdam. Maybe you will follow this list or make your own! Post your experience with #amsterdambucketlist.

1. Visit brouwerij ‘t ij
2. Go to Rollende keukens
3. Bike under the Rijksmuseum tunnel
4. Go on a boat through the canals
5. Ice-skate on the canal
6. Visit the cat cafe
7. Go to the IJhallen
8. Take the ferry and explore the North
9. Go to the foodhallen and eat something at every stand
10. BBQ in Vondelpark
11. Visit Begijnhof
12. Ride a bike in Amsterdam
13. Find the perfect terrace
14. Visit Ruigoord
15. Visit the Gaypride canal parade
16. Museum night
17. Do a pub crawl
18. Celebrate kings day (on a boat)
19. Eat at a Michelin start restaurant
20. Eat snacks from the wall
21. Drink at Wijnand Fockink
22. Do a street art tour
23. Smoke weed at a coffee shop
24. Go to Blijburg beach
25. Visit the botanical garden
26. Celebrate new year’s in Amsterdam
27. Shop at the 9 streets
28. Visit the Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple
29. Climb the Westertoren
30. See a concert at the Concertgebouw
31. Drink coffee at a hipster coffee place
32. Take a ride on tram 2
33. Have a drink at a sky-bar
34. Visit the bookstalls at Boekenmarkt Oudemanhuispoort
35. Discover the secret gardens of Amsterdam
36. Go to a Boom Chicago Show
37. Do a historic walk through the center

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