Amsterdam bucketlist

#Amsterdambucketlist: Go on a boat through the canals

Every Amsterdammer wants to have a boat, or at least a friend that has a boat! It’s the ultimate way to spend a sunny day in the city: cruising the canals while eating, drinking and having good times with your friends.

Your guidebook most likely says you have to do a boat tour on the canals. And I will also say YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. But if you want to do it like a local I recommend you don’t get on one of the typical boat tours that are lined up at central station, I recommend you do it the ‘local’ way. There are two ways how you can see Amsterdam from the water. One is a little bit more adventurous than the other.

Rent a boat and go tour yourself
Be in total control and rent a boat for you and your travelbuddies. I see the Boaty boats on the canals all the time and looks like a lot of fun. The boats are for 6 people and prices start at € 79,- for 3 hours of sailing. The company provides you with a map, tells you what the best routes on the canals are and off you go!
I really want to try this myself. So, as soon I can tick this of my bucket list I’ll update this post

Go on am open boat tour
This is as close as you can get to a local boat tour but still have the luxury of getting sailed around and hearing insights about Amsterdam. I recently took a visitor on the open boat tour of the Canal Company and it was amazing!
You can choose from two tours: the blue route which goes through the canal belt and the green route which covers the old part of the city.
We did the green rout which took us through quiet residential canals. We also saw the famous musician playing music on his musicboat and even I learned some new things about Amsterdam. See some of the photo’s I took below in the gallery.

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