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Review: Pressroom Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for not having the best service in the world at restaurants. So when the hostess at the Pressroom welcomed us with a big [...]

Review: Boca’s

One of my favorite places to have lunch in Amsterdam is Boca’s! They have two establishments one in the Jordaan and one in the Pijp. W [...]

Review: Pho 91

Welcome to Vietnam! That is exactly how I felt when I stepped foot inside Pho 91. Even though I have never been in Vietnam so I have never t [...]

Review: Canibale Royale

Meat lovers unite! For I have found the best place to get your meat on: Cannibale Royale! This restaurant recently opened their second estab [...]

Review: Morgan & Mees

  In Amsterdam there is always a new restaurant opening up somewhere. Therefor I always have a list of restaurants I want to visit. Mor [...]
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