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After Kings day I have to say the Museumnacht might be my favorite event in Amsterdam. I mean how cool is it to visit your favorite museums during the night and dance next to the artwork? Okay, okay obviously you can’t sip on a beer right next to an expensive painting. But, all the museums have special programs during this evening that starts at 7 o’clock till 2 in the morning. Even if you not big on museums this might be the night for you. There is music, drinks, food and many other cool things. Since I am a huge museum geek I’ve made 3 itineraries that are always good for any Museum night. But when you decide to go make sure to check the Museumnacht website to check out what is going on where

One tip if you’re on a budget. Pack a backpack full of snacks and drinks and take little breaks between museums.

The classic tour


If you are all about the Dutch masters, or you want to keep it simple, this is the way to go. Your night will take place at the museums on Museumplein, which makes it perfect if you don’t want to be bothered with public transport or the weather sucks.
1. Start at the Rijksmuseum because it tends to get really busy here. Don’t let the lineup throw you off. Just get in line and pop one of those drinks that you brought yourself. Wander the museum and make sure you’ve seen the spectacular Nachtwacht by Rembrandt before you leave.
2. Next up is the Van Gogh museum. The open concept of the Van Gogh Museum building is perfect for Museum night. Usually they have performances at the ground level but you will hear the music all through the building while you’re in aw over the paintings.
3. End the night at the Stedelijk museum. Modern art, music and drinks, what more could one want?

Pros and cons of the classic tour
+: You’ll get your money’s worth by visiting the most expensive museums in one night. Plus you’ll see all the biggest museums + art collections of Amsterdam.
-: You’ll might have to stand in line at each museum and it might not be the most adventurous option.

The historic tour

Scheepvaartmuseum ceiling

You’ll might need to rent bike to get this ultimate history geek tour done, but its defiantly worth it.
1. Het grachtenhuis
Get a grasp of how the canal houses are built and what they used to look like from the inside.
2. Amsterdam Museum
The Amsterdam DNA tour guides you through the history of Amsterdam. The museum also always has cool temporary exhibition that starts in the basement.
3. Anne Frank house
Probably does not need much explanation. Visiting the Anne Frank house at night gives it an extra dimension I think.
4. Scheepvaartmuseum
If it was only just to see the amazing ceiling at night its worth a trip to de Scheepvaartsmuseum. Here you’ll get a good grasp of what the days at sea were like for the Netherlands.

+: The history of Amsterdam will not have any secrets for you after this tour. Also you will admire the city while going from one museum to the next.
-: You’ll spend some time on going from museum to museum. If the weather is not good (which is pretty likely) this can be a downer.

The hip / party tour


If you want to experience the museum night like a local? Then go for this ‘hip’ route. Be aware these museums will be crowded and full of hip Amsterdam people.
1. Eye
Take the Ferry across the pond and go to eye. The ride on the ferry, the view and the building are already reason enough to go here.
2. Stadsarchief
The city archives is one of my favourite museums. They always host a great party during the Museum night with the latest music. Also there is something extra special about going down to the old bank cellars at night.
3. Foam
The photomuseum is where it is at during museum night! Be prepared for a cool party amongst of cool photography and even cooler people.

+: This is the least touristy route to take.
-: it can be crowded and you can end up waiting in line for Foam.

My museumnacht 2015 photo’s

DJ @ Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam museum

Amsterdam museum

Museumnacht 2015





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