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Best photo spots in Amsterdam

A lot of times I am late for an appointment because while I am riding my bike through Amsterdam I have to stop to take photos of my beautiful city. Almost any spot in Amsterdam is picturesque but I have a couple favorite spots for the best photo┬┤s. Please check out my 3 favorite spots to take photo’s of Amsterdam’s canals.

Photo spot 1: Damrak


This spot is excellent for travelers that don’t have a lot of time, but still want to get that perfect shot of the Amsterdam canal houses. The line of houses behind the tourboats. And while you’re there why not go on a boat through the canals and tick that of your bucket list?

Photo spot 2: Staalstraat and Groenburgwal


The bridge at Groenburgwal and Staalstraat is everything you’d imagine of Amsterdam and more. A photo from this place will have your Instagram likes skyrocket ;). While your there visit the cool store Droog at Staalstraat 7 or hang a love lock on the bridge.

Lovelocks in Amsterdam

Photo spot 3: Singelgracht


This is by far my favorite place to take photos in Amsterdam. Every time I ride my bike on Singelgracht I just have to stop to take a photo. The best time to take photos here is when its in the afternoon and the sun hits the canal houses on the other side. This photo is taken between the Korsjespoortsteeg and the Blauwburgwal.

What is your favorite spot in Amsterdam? Please tell me or post it on Instagram with #amsterdamlocalguide

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