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The best places to go to in Haarlemmerstraat & Haarlemmerdijk

There are 3 reasons for me to go to the Haarlemmerstraat/dijk: buy tea at the Tear Bar, eat a Pastel de Nata at Casa Bocage and some Iberico ham at Ibericus. But for the sake of the blog I ‘sacrificed’ my Saturday afternoon to explore both streets completly and select my favorites!

First of all what I love about these streets is that they are right in the city center and only a 5 minute walk from central station, but it feels super local because there are hardly any chain stores. Exploring the streets yourself is most fun, but at least make sure you step into the following places:

This place is perfect if you are looking for a cool souvenir or a gift. How about a perfume with the smell of Amsterdam?
Adress: Haarlemmerstraat 8

If I could I would go here every day, because I LOVE Iberico ham. As soon as you step in it feels like you are in Spain. Order the tasting platter with three types of ham and Manchego cheese with a glass of wine, close your eyes and you’re not in Amsterdam for 5 minutes.
Adress: Haarlemmerstraat 93
Iberico ham & manchego cheeseIberico ham

Jay’s juice
Fancy something healthy after a night of partying in Amsterdam’s club scene? Jay sells wheat grass shots and if you are feeling tropical you can get a fresh coconut juice.
Adress: Haarlemmerstraat 14
Jay's Juice









Casa Bocage
Not too long a go I went to Lisbon and got introduced to Pastel de Nata’s. These delicious custard tarts are one of the best treats I have ever had. In Lisbon you have to eat them at Casa Pastéis de Belém and in Amsterdam you have to go Casa Bocage. After eating them you’ll want to book a trip to Lisbon ASAP!
Adress: Haarlemmerstraat 111A

Casa Bocage









Store without a home
When you step in here you’ll want to give a new home to all the nice things you’ll see. The vase with the canal house print is an awesome souvenir.
Adress: Haarlemmerdijk 26

Store without a home









The Tea Bar
Welcome to paradise for all tea lovers! A whole wall full of all kinds of tea’s from dark to green. This is one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam. You can smell all the tea’s and pick your favorites to take home. My favorite? Notendroom! 
Adress: Haarlemmerdijk 71

The Tea Bar










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