Review: Canibale Royale

Meat lovers unite! For I have found the best place to get your meat on: Cannibale Royale! This restaurant recently opened their second establishment on the Ruysdaelkade near the Albert Cuyp market. They were already known for their late night cuisine in the city center, but this new place does not only serve amazing meat it also has a great terrace for sunny days!

So I can tell you all about the menu, but you can also just take a look at this photo:

Cannibale Royale Menu

All of three of us ordered the Le Modeste steak, but I heard the ribs and the burgers are also to die for!
La Modeste

With the steak we ordered three side dishes: fries, grilled vegetables and a baked potatoe. Especially the grilled veggies were really good!
Grilled Vegetables at Cannibale Royale

This is a great place if you are looking for a place to eat near the Albert Cuypmarket or Museumplein. Very local, but still in the city! When sober the food was already amazing so I can only imagine what is like to eat here after a night of partying.

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