Review: Morgan & Mees

Eten bij Morgan & Mees


In Amsterdam there is always a new restaurant opening up somewhere. Therefor I always have a list of restaurants I want to visit. Morgan & Mees was one of them. So when the boyfriend and I were planning a date night the choice of restaurant was made pretty quickly!

I am a sucker for places that look pretty and Morgan & Mees is no exception to that. The building itself and the interior are beautiful and really welcoming to coming in for a drink at the bar of a tasty dinner like we did.

We started of with the sea bass ceviche and the steak tartare which both were amazing and also the food plating was done really nicely. That always makes me feel so fancy haha. After that, we both had the Poulet Noir (black chicken) which gave both of us an absolute foodhigh! We finished the meal of by splitting the chocolate, chocolate, chocplate, which is like the name says it already chocolate up on chocolate topped of with some more chocolate.

We spend about €55,- per person for a 2,5 course meal a bottle of water and 2 glasses of wine. I think that is not a bad price for the quality of the food and service you get for it!

For everyone outside of Amsterdam you can also sleep at Morgan & Mees. The prices of rooms in their beautiful boutique hotel start at €135,- per night. Perfect for a romantic weekend away!

The restaurant is just outside of the Jordaan and is perfect if you want to go and eat out of the hustle and bustle of the city center. The Hugo de Grootplein that is a little further also has a couple of great restaurants.

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