Review: Pho 91

Welcome to Vietnam! That is exactly how I felt when I stepped foot inside Pho 91. Even though I have never been in Vietnam so I have never tasted the real Pho, I imagine it to be something like this. You sit at a small street side cafe on a stool and eat your pho while scooters and taxi’s are shooting by. Well if you have a little bit of an imagination you can picture yourself in Vietnam if you visit Pho 91 after the Albert Cuypmarket closes.

Pho 91 is a small and very populair place so be prepared to wait for a little bit. We gave them our phone number and went to have a drink at Café de Groene Vlinder down the street. When the table was ready they gave me a phone call to come back to the restaurant.

Below you can see all the things I ordered: Vietnamese springrolls in rice paper, fried chicken wings and ofcourse Pho Bo. It was all super fresh and tasty! And also not bad: it was quite cheap. I like! So Pho 91 is now on my list of favorite Pho places in Amsterdam. There are a couple more I’ll write about them soon.

Pho91 springrolls

Pho 91 chickenwings

Pho 91 Pho Bo




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